• लापता बेटे को खोजने के लिए परवेज के पिता ने किया इनाम का ऐलान
  • ढूंढ कर लाने वाले को मिलेगा Dh5,000 का इनाम
  • बेटे की यादव में कई दिनों से भूखी प्यासी है परवेज की मां
  • याद कर रो रहा है पूरा परिवार
  • पुलिस भी कर रही लगातार परवेज को तलाश
  • पिता मोहम्मद आफताब आलम अपने 15 साल के बेटे की सुरक्षित वापसी की लगा रहें हैं गुहार
  • चार जुलाई से शारजाह के मुवेइला इलाके में अपने घर से गायब है परवेज
  • मां से रूठ कर भागा था वह
  • मां ने उससे यूट्यूब पर रज़िया सुल्तान देखने के दौरान छीनी थी मोबाइल
  • अब बहुत दुखी है मां

The father of Pervez has announced a reward to anyone who returns his missing son as the race to find the teen reached Kalba, located on the East coast of Sharjah.
Mohammad Aftab Alam told Gulf News he’s offering Dh5,000 for the safe return of his 15-year son who has been missing from his home in Sharjah’s Muweilah area since July 4.

“I would just like to see him come home safe. We have been praying all day since he’s disappeared,” said Alam shortly after returning from Kalba.
“A three-member team of the Child Protection team took me to Kalba where my brother Mohammad Firoze Alam lives. We were hoping to find some clues there,” he said.
Several leads have been chased since Pervez went missing but none has panned out so far.
It is believed the Grade IX student got upset when his mother chided him for watching historical Hindi drama Razia Sultan on YouTube and snatched his smartphone. Alam said Perwez had just Dh8 with him.
“How long can it possibly last? At first we thought he’d come back in the afternoon but when he didn’t show up until late evening we got worried and alerted the police.

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