Wednesday, October 27

UAE में मौसम अलर्ट, मंत्रालय ने इन जगहों पर जाने से किया मना

  • मौसम विभाग ने UAE में जारी किया अलर्ट
  • समुद्री किनारों पर जाने का आज छोड़ दें प्लान
  • उठ सकती ऊंची लहर
  • समुद्री किनारों पर नहीं रहेगा उपयुक्त मौसम
  • हो सकती है परेशानी
  • चल सकती है काफी तेज हवाएं
  • बुधवार को बादलों से घिरा रहेगा मौसम
  • 36- 41°C रहेगा आज के तापमान
  • 29-35 km/h तक चल सकती है हवाएं
  • बढ़कर 42 km/h हो सकती है जिसकी गति

Dubai: The weather conditions today are not conducive to a beach day; the weather bureau has warned residents about rough conditions at sea.
According to the National Center of Meteorology, the sea will be rough due to winds that are expected to repeatedly blow. Waves with a height of 5-7 feet are expected to form offshore.
Residents are warned to “be on the lookout” if they are planning activities at the beach. The rough conditions are expected to last until 11pm on Wednesday, July 17.

The skies will be looking generally clear to partly cloudy in some areas, especially in the eastern region of the UAE like Fujairah.
The humidity is likely to increase at night and early morning tomorrow, July 18. High humidity levels are expected to cause mist and fog formation, especially in internal and coastal areas towards the north of the UAE.

Fog and mist can hinder visibility on the road drivers are urged to take necessary precautions.
The maximum recorded temperatures are expected to range from 36- 41°C, whereas the minimum are expected to be between 28 – 32 °C throughout the emirates.
Throughout the day, light to moderate amount of winds are also expected to repeatedly blow, at a speed of 29-35 km/h, reaching up to 42 km/h at times.

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