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UAE पब्लिक एरिया में तीन युवकों ने की स्टंटबाजी, पुलिस ने किया अ'रेस्ट

  • UAE में तीन युवकों ने नियमों की अनदेखी कर चलाई कार
  • पब्लिक एरिया में तीनों ने कार से की स्टंटबाजी
  • पुलिस ने किया अरेस्ट
  • UAE फुजैराह की है यह घटना
  • पुलिस ने कार को किया जब्त
  • पुलिस ने अभिभावकों से की अपने बच्चों को ट्रैफिक  रूल्स समझाने की अपील
  • संघीय यातायात कानून के अनुच्छेद 1 के अनुसार है जुर्माने का प्रावधान
  • इस तरह के जोखिम भरे सड़क स्टंट में शामिल किसी भी चालक पर लगेगा Dh2,000 का जुर्माना
  • इसमें शामिल कार को 60 दिनों के लिए किया जायेगा जब्त
  • 23 ब्लैक ट्रैफिक पॉइंट्स पर गलती करने वाले ड्राइवर के खिलाफ दर्ज किया जायेगा मामला

Police in UAE have nabbed three young drivers for reckless driving. They performed dangerous stunts on the road that endangered their lives and the lives of people in the area.
Fujairah Police have nabbed three young drivers for performing dangerous stunts in Badya and Halah areas.

According to Brigadier Mohammed bin Bin Nayea AL Tunaiji, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Fujairah Police, the three youths posed a danger to themselves and spectators around.
“The three erring drivers have been referred to the Fujairah Traffic Prosecution for legal action, while the vehicles have been impounded.”
The bodies concerned have also been contacted to force the reckless drivers to pay for the damages they caused to the roads where they performed the stunts, he added.
“Fujairah Police shall deploy more traffic patrols, particularly in areas that are infamous for such activities – in order to curb prevent drivers from performing such unsafe driving practices, such as drifting and other dangerous stunts.”
Brigadier Humaid Mohammed Al Yamahi urged parents to ensure their children are abiding by traffic rules and regulations, and “never get involved in such illegal practices.”
“Such stunts have been blamed for accidents that ended in serious casualties and deaths as well.”

Brig Al Yamahi advised the public to report any such traffic violations or stunts to the police.
“The central operations room is accessible round-the-clock for free at (999) or (901).”
“As per Article 1 of the Federal Traffic Law, a fine of Dh2,000 shall be imposed on any driver involved in such risky road stunts.”
The car involved shall be impounded for 60 days, he added.
“Up to 23 black traffic points shall also be recorded against the erring driver.”
In April this year, Ras Al Khaimah Police arrested an 18-year-old who performed dangerous stunts using his father’s car. The young motorist, who damaged parts of the road, had received his driving licence less than six months back at that time.

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