• सऊदी में कामगार की ली गई जान
  • खाना देने में देरी होने पर बौखलाए अरबी ने दिया घटना को अंजाम
  • फोन पर बात रहे प्रवासी को मारी गो’ली
  • फास्ट-फूड रेस्तरां में कार्य करता था कामगार
  • असंतुष्ट ग्राहक ने पहले मौखिक रूप से कर्मचारियों दी थी गाली
  • फिर रेस्तरां से बाहर निकलकर कामगार को मारी गो’ली
  • पुलिस ने बंदूक के साथ उसे पकड़ा
  • गोली लगने के बाद प्रवासी को ले जाया गया अस्पताल
  • लेकिन उसने रास्ते में ही तोड़ दिया था दम
  • पुलिस ने निगरानी कैमरे की फुटेज को देख की करवाई
  • वीडियो में प्रवासी कार्यकर्ता के साथ बहस करते हुए देखा गया था अरबी ग्राहक

Police arrested a man who shot dead a fast-food restaurant worker as there was some delay in serving his order.
The disgruntled customer verbally assaulted the employees before he left the restaurant and returned with a gun and shot the worker while he was busy on his phone in the restaurant.
“The police showed up to the scene to find the expatriate had been shot and blood was pooling from his body. The victim was taken to hospital but he had already passed away. The police looked at the surveillance camera footage and was able to identify the customer,” a source told Arabic Okaz newspaper.

“Some witnesses say the worker had delayed the customer’s order, which aggravated him,” they said.
The video has sparked a hashtag on social media calling for the death of the customer for the reckless crime.
A video made just before the incident trended on social media where the man, in his 30s, was seen arguing with the expatriate worker.
This is not the first incident as in 2014 another incident occurred when a Saudi man stabbed a worker at a grocery store 54 times and killed him in front of a large crowd of people.
Location – Saudi

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