Tuesday, October 19

दुबई में कामगार की गं'दी हरकत, सो रही महिला को बनाया ह'व'स का शिकार, गया जेल

  • दुबई में कामगार ने सो रही महिला को बनाया ह’वस का शिकार
  • अदालत ने ठहराया दोषी
  • सुनाई गई एक साल जेल की स’जा
  • 35 वर्षीय फ़िलिपिना महिला है पीड़िता
  • मिस्त्र का रहने वाला है आरोपी व्यत्कि
  • 23 वर्षीय मिस्र के व्यक्ति ने महिला के कमरे घुसकर जबरन किया था गंदा काम
  • इस दौरान नींद में थी महिला
  • जागने के बाद मौके पर से फरार हुआ वह व्यक्ति
  • महिला ने बाहर तक किया उसका पीछा
  • फिर अपने पति के साथ पुलिस में दर्ज कराया शिकायत
  • घटना की सूचना मिलने के तुरंत बाद पुलिस ने आरोपियों को पकड़ लिया।
  • वह तब से वह जेल में है बंद
  • फॉरेंसिक रिपोर्ट के अनुसार, पीड़ित के अं’डरवियर पर प्रतिवादी के डीएनए के पाए गए थे निशान
  • उसके शरीर पर उसके डीएनए का भी चला था पता

A man has been sentenced to one year in prison after a Dubai court convicted him of raping a woman at the villa they shared – while she was asleep.
Earlier this year, the Egyptian man was charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday for allegedly raping a Filipina who shared the same villa.
According to the public prosecution records, the case dates back to September 21 last year when the 23-year-old Egyptian man sneaked into the room of the victim in their villa in Al Badaa after she came back from a party at 4:30am and raped her.

He denied the charge in court.
The 35-year-old complainant said that she stayed at a villa where people rent separate rooms. “At 4:30am, I came back from a relative’s party in a nearby villa. I went to my room and slept. Shortly later, I felt someone forcing himself on me. When I opened my eyes, he stood up and left the room.”
The woman followed him outside to the backyard. “I saw three men and told them about him. At that point, he passed by us and I pointed at him. I went with my husband to the police station to file a complaint after he came back from work,” the complainant told the prosecutor.
The police apprehended the accused shortly after the incident was reported. He remains in detention since then.
According to the forensic report, the defendant’s DNA traces were found on the victim’s underwear. Her DNA was also detected on his body.
The convict can appeal the verdict, according to law.

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