Thursday, December 2

दुबई फुटबाल मैच में भारतीय एक्सपेट टीम की जीत, किया वतन का नाम रौशन

  • दुबई फुटबाल मैच में भारतीय एक्सपेट टीम की जीत
  • विदेशी धरती पर किया अपने वतन का नाम रौशन
  • दुबई में एक सप्ताहांत मैच में दो एक्सपेट टीमों ने लिया लिया भाग
  • ब्राइड एंड ग्रूम टीमों के बीच हुआ रोमांचक फूटबाल मैच
  • एक दूल्हे के पक्ष तो दूसरी दुल्हन पक्ष के तरफ से खेल रही थी मैच
  • यह मजेदार मैच भारतीय राज्य केरल के एक्सपैट समूह ‘एनटे चालीसिसरी’ के बैनर तले आयोजित किया गया
  • द चालीसिसरी के 300 से अधिक सदस्य हैं और हर सप्ताहांत गतिविधियों का संचालन करते हैं
  • फुटबॉल द चालीसेरी का लोकप्रिय खेल है
  • दोनों पक्षों ने एक शादी समारोह को यादगार बनाने के लिए खेला यह खेल

Football can set the ground for the ‘unlikeliest’ of opponents. A weekend match in Dubai saw two expat teams – Bride and Groom – have a go at each other before a wedding next month. The fun match was held under the banner of ‘Ente Chalissery’ (My Chalissery), an expat group from Palakkad district in the south Indian state of Kerala.
“The Chalissery has more than 300 members and we conduct activities every weekend. Football is our popular sport. A player was set to marry the sister of another player, and we thought about such a unique wedding celebratory match,” said Abdul Latheef, a senior member of the group.

The match was between the teams led by Sabith, the groom, and Fairooz Akbar, the brother of the bride Isabella. Both captains, star strikers in their own ranks, and the concept of ‘Bride vs Groom’ created a pre-match hype.
At the end, Team Bride nailed the encounter, 3-0.
Akbar said his sister took it lightly as he scored a goal against her would-be. “Sabith is my aunt’s son and the wedding is on August 18. This is the start of the celebration. The result didn’t go Sabith’s way. My sister took everything in the right spirit,” said Akbar.
Starting his new partnership with a loss, Sabith blamed missing players for the result.
“We missed two to three key players. Anyhow, it was a grand celebration. Everyone joined in to make it a big affair.”

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