Tuesday, October 19

तीन सिर वाले बच्चे ने लिया जन्म, डॉक्टर भी आश्चर्यचकित

  • तीन सिर वाली बच्ची ने लिए जन्म
  • डॉक्टर भी हो गए हैरान
  • भारत के उत्तर प्रदेश की है यह घटना
  • जन्मी बच्ची के सिर पीछे हैं दो और सिर
  • बच्ची के सिर का एमआरआई और सीटी स्कैन करने के बाद ही सही स्थिति का पता चल सकेगा
  • पूरी जांच करने के बाद ऑपरेशन के जरिए बच्ची के सिर से जुड़े दोनों हिस्सों को अलग करना होगा
  • दुनिया भर में इस तरह के मिलते जुलते कुछ और मामले सामने आ चुके हैं
  • लेकिन कम ही देखने को मिलते हैं ऐसे मामले
  • चिकित्सीय टर्म में ऐसे स्थितियों को एन्सेफेलोसेले कहा जाता है
  • एन्सेफेलोसेले के लक्षण वाले शिशुओं में 55 प्रतिशत जीवित रहने की होती है दर

A baby girl born ‘with three heads’, apparently due to an unknown medical condition, has surprised the doctors in India.
According to a report by The Sun, a woman was taken to a health care centre in Uttar Pradesh after suffering extreme pain before going into labour.
However, family members and the doctors were left in shock when she delivered a baby with three heads. The baby girl has two large protrusions formed from the back of her skull.
Doctors said that they would conduct a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to determine the exact medical condition of the new-born.
According to reports, babies diagnosed with encephalocele have a 55 per cent survival rate.

Although rare, numerous cases of extra heads have been reported worldwide. These medical conditions are referred to as encephalocele.
According to the NHS, an encephalocele is a rare congenital type of neural tube defect where part of the skull has not formed properly so a portion of brain tissue and associated structures are outside the skull.
Doctors said the mother had experienced a normal pregnancy, which only added to the surprise.
Both the mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital that was better equipped to treat the baby, the report added.

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