Wednesday, October 27

अल्लाह ने सुनी दुःखी मां-बाप की पुकार, हज के महीने में एक और चमत्कार, मिल गया उनके कलेजे का टुकड़ा

  • मिल गया चार जुलाई से खोया हुआ मुहम्मद परवेज
  • मां -बाप को आया चैन
  • मां से रूठकर घर छोड़कर भागा था परवेज
  • कई दिनों से पुलिस और परिवार कर रहे थे तलाश
  • पिता ने  ढूढ़ने वाले को Dh5,000 का इनाम देने का किया था ऐलान
  • गुरुवार को अजमान से उसे किया गया बरामद
  • शारजाह पुलिस ने पहुँचाया घर
  • परवेज के पिता ने पुलिस का किया धन्यवाद

The Sharjah Police have found the 15-year-old child, Mohammed Parvez, who went missing from his house. Parvez was found in Ajman, the police said. The police informed the father that his son has been traced in Ajman. The son was reunited with his parents.

The police are investigating the circumstances of his disappearance. Father Mohammad Aftab Alam thanked the leadership of the UAE and the Sharjah Police. Alam was in tears when he heard the news and thanked the Almighty for his son’s safe return. Alam had offered a reward of Dhs5,000 to anyone who finds his son.

Parvez has been missing from his house since July 4. The Sharjah Police received a report about his disappearance at the beginning of the month. The police appealed to the public to cooperate with them in finding the child.  A hotline number was setup for the purpose. The Sharjah Police General Command thanked the public for their cooperation and prompt response, which helped in finding the child.

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