अभी अभी खाड़ी देश से बड़ा अपडेट.

  • साउदी अरेबीयन airline ने पाकिस्तान जाने वाले सारे फ़्लाइट को किया कैन्सल
  • भारत पाकिस्तान तनाव को लेकर किया फ़ैसला
  • फ़हद बहदैलह ने बताया की सुरक्षा के लहजे से ये ठीक नही हैं अतः फ़्लाइट कैन्सल ही रहेंगी

नीचे संलग्न हैं खलीज टाइम की रिपोर्ट.
Saudi Arabian Airlines, also known as Saudia, on Wednesday suspended all flights to Pakistan in response to increased military tensions between India and its neighbor over Kashmir.
“It is a standard procedure that we take under such circumstances,” said Fahad Bahdailah, Saudia’s VP of corporate communications.

Pakistani airspace has officially been closed for commercial flights, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced on Wednesday, due to the prevailing security situation with India.

In Dubai, Emirates airline advised passengers due to fly to Pakistan to rebook tickets after the carrier’s flights there were also suspended.
The decision came after Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian Air Force planes in its airspace Wednesday.
At least five Indian airports were also closed and scores of flights were being canceled.

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